Oct 7, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Foundation

Like so many ladies out there I am always on a quest for the 'Perfect' foundation. Something that would make my skin look flawless, cover all my imperfections, stay put all day, feel light on my skin, have a dewy but not 'shiny' appearance, match my skin tone perfectly and of course make me look years younger....now that should not be too much to ask should it?
I actually got to a point were I thought that I would never find a foundation that could do all that I hoped it could and spent many years just 'settling' for  something that 'nearly' covered my imperfections and 'nearly' matched my skin tone.
When I started on the road to having a 'serious' skincare routine, I then took it upon myself to do some research so as to find a foundation that would complement my skin rather than just having to 'camoflauge' it and I have narrowed it down to three which in my opinion, come pretty close to being the perfect foundations.
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation does a wonderful job and is one of my favourites. This is a silicone based foundation that does everything it claims to:
Coverage: light to medium and very build-able.
Application: Fingers, Sponge, Stippling brush (I will give tips on stippling application at bottom of page).
Staying power: 8 hours
Overall appearance on skin: Flawless and dewy but not shiny or oily.
Color match: Fantastic....MUFE have a total of 26 shades covering the following undertones: Pink, yellow, olive, beige, peach, coral and finally a beige pink combination. Without doubt they are by far one of only two companies I have found to have such a vast foundation color range and I would be very surprised if anyone could not find a perfect match.
Cost: A bit high at $40.00 for a 1.01oz pump dispenser bottle.
Tip # 1: Before venturing into your local Sephora to color test them take a look on their website and try to narrow it down to a total of four taking into consideration your overall undertone. The reason I suggest this is due to the fact that it can become so overwhelming when you are confronted by so many shades.
Tip # 2: Try to match the shade of foundation to your decolletage. When we apply foundation to our face and neck we need it to match our decolletage. We are often told by professional makeup artists how we must 'always' blend our foundation into our neckline and not stop at the chin (this is a mistake many of us have been guilty of) therefore the simple fact is our face and neck need to match our decolletage! I received this wonderful advice from a friend and professional makeup artist and since applying this I have never had a problem with color matching.
Tip # 3: Do not make a decision on your color whilst in the store as the lighting will give you a false reading. Ask for samples.....I have never been refused. Take them home and work with them and if none of them work go back for more. Remember this is a quest ladies!
Tip # 4: Use a compatible primer underneath your foundation. I find a primer underneath any foundation makes an enormous difference to its staying power and application and my choice for use with MUFE HD Foundation is Monistat Chafing Powder Gel....yes you heard correctly this is the same exact formula as Smashbox Primer but for a fraction of the cost. Monistat Chafing Powder Gel costs approximately $6.00 for 1.15oz compared to $36.00 for 1oz of the Smashbox!

Graftobian Glamour Creme HD Foundation
This is another one of my favourites especially if I want a little more coverage than MUFE can give me. It comes in 53 shades in Warm, Neutral and Cool undertones. This is a 'silicone free' foundation and a minimal amount is needed for  full coverage.
Coverage: Medium to full very build-able
Application: Damp sponge
Staying power: 8 hours
Overall appearance on skin: Soft, flawless and dewy.
Color match: Fantastic...53 shades in Warm, Neutral and Cool undertones.
Cost: Reasonable at $15.00 for a 1/2oz pot which is much more cost effective than MUFE and you also need use a tiny amount so it will last a long time.
Tip # 1: Due to only being able to purchase Graftobian foundations online the problem lies with color matching but they do sell HD 5-color creme sampler palettes in Warm, Neutral and cool tones enabling you to test them out at home at a cost of $25.00 each. If after trying these samples you find that your color lies in between 'two' shades they do have a wonderful customer service and once you explain to them your issue they respond immediately with advice as to which color they feel you need. Also on there website they do have a color comparison chart for MAC RCMA, Cinema Secrets,Visora and Black Opal which is extremely helpful.
Tip # 2: Application is most flawless when using a damp sponge and will glide on effortlessly.
Tip # 3: Use a compatible primer (remember water and oil do not mix)! Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundations intend to slide if you do not use a primer. There Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer provides a no slip surface enabling the makeup to bond to the skin completely. It is paraben, silicone and alcohol free and costs $25.00 for 1/2oz but again this will last a very long time....around six months.

Last but not least is Temptu Silicone base Pro Foundation.

The only down side to this wonderful foundation is there lack of color choices having only twelve, 'but' due to it's incredible coverage, flawless finish and cost effectiveness it is well worth trying.
Coverage: Medium
Application: This was originally designed to be used with an airbrush but it can also be applied with a damp sponge, stippling brush or fingers (I choose to apply with my fingers).
Staying power: 8 hours +
Overall appearance on skin: Flawless with a soft dewy glow.
Color match: Without doubt the majority would have to use a combination of two shades mixed together.
Cost: Reasonable at $25.00 for a 1.0oz plastic squeeze bottle which lasts me around 3 months with everyday use. This also comes in a 4oz size for $90.00 which I should think is mainly purchased by professionals who use it on clients and need larger quantities.
Tip # 1: Unless you have the Temptu airbrush and compressor the 2nd best way to apply this is with the fingers. I choose to use my fingers and get a flawless finish every time.
Tip # 2: Again use a compatible primer which needs to be silicone based and my choice again is the Monistat Chafing Powder Gel.
Tip # 3: Consider purchasing one of there S/B Adjusters as this permits you to adjust your shade accordingly allowing for a perfect match. They are $25.00 per 1.0oz bottle but it will last forever!

Stippling Brush Application Tip:
For those who prefer to stipple there foundation I have found the best brush to use is either the MAC 188 small stippling brush or the Mac 187 large stippling brush. I originally started with the 187 (the larger of the two) but have found that the 188 works much better allowing closer application to the eye and nose area.
Start by placing a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and gently tap the brush onto the makeup placing it only on the tips of the brush fibers. Using a tapping technique apply this onto the skin and slowly building until you reach the desired coverage. When you have the coverage you want then finish by buffing the surface with the brush in gentle circular motions which will create a flawless and smooth finish.

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