Aug 25, 2013

The Two Formula Trick to Creating Long, Full, Curled lashes with Long Lasting Results!

Ever noticed how ever much we follow the 'rules' in regards to creating longer, fuller, curled lashes we still end up with 'so so' results? Well here is a tip for those of us trying to achieve that full lush look that gives fantastic results!

Tip # 1

Curl those lashes!
Yes, I am sure you have heard this from every makeup artist and blogger on the web but this is the first step to creating the lashes you desire.
Is there a difference in the results achieved when purchasing a good quality eyelash curler.....Absolutely!
I have tried numerous less costly eyelash curlers on the market convinced that they would give me the same results as the more expensive ones and come to the conclusion that in this case you really do need to spend a little more to get the lasting results you are looking for.
Do I have any favorites?
Without doubt I have found the two below to be the best on the market
Shu Uemuru

Both Shu and Shiseido eyelash curlers are pretty much identical and I personally cannot tell a difference between them. I find the curve of the curlers to be very precise and both of them allow me to get very close to the roots of my lashes without pinching. Also, they require very little pressure when holding them together to create a beautiful smooth curl (no crimping here ladies)!

Choosing a mascara

Sounds so so easy doesn't it? but more often than not this is where the nightmare begins!
Should we choose volume, length, waterproof, regular, black, brown, fibers or without....the list of choices are endless and somewhat confusing.
After much trial and error I have come to a foolproof method of choice and application that works fantastic for me and gives me the long lasting results I have been looking for.
So let's break it down


This is an easy choice....basically choose a color that works for you and what you prefer. Personally I always stick to black or soft black

Tip # 2 Waterproof vs Regular

This is probably the most important part of the conundrum and if you get this right you will get wonderful long lasting results.....Always use BOTH!

Tip # 3 Thickness vs Length

Now this is another area which is down to personal choice. Some of us only want to give our lashes volume whereas others only want to achieve length. However, there are many who want and need to achieve both thickness and length and if this is the case always 'always' apply the volumizing mascara first!

Tip # 4 Application Instructions and Overview

1. Always curl your lashes using a 'good' eyelash curler (this does make a tremendous difference)
2. If using both Volumiizing mascara and Lengthening Mascara always use the Volumizing first
3. 'Always' make sure the first coat of mascara (Volumizing) is waterproof and only apply one coat....and here's why. Waterproof mascara dries much faster than regular mascara therefore once you curl those lashes and immediately apply the first coat of waterproof mascara the curl does not have time to drop prior to drying 'voila' your lashes will stay curled all day long.
4. Now apply your lengthening mascara.
With this application method you will be amazed as to how much longer your lashes will appear and how they will stay put all day long.

Personal Mascara Preferences

Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof   $7.99                      

 Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara (price varies)