Jul 2, 2012

Lactic Acid Body Lotion with Niacinamide

After purchasing MUAC (makeup artists choice) 8 fl oz  Glycolic Body Lotion 15% and absolutely loving what it has done for my skin (read review HERE) I decided to  customize a Lactic Acid version which included Niacinamide
Why would I decide to use Lactic Acid in place of Glycolic which are both AHA's  you may ask? 
Three main reasons:
1: Lactic Acid is less irritating to the skin
2: Lactic Acid stimulates cell turnover and cell renewal at a higher rate than Glycolic Acid
3: Unlike Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid has added benefits: it hydrates the skin, increases natural ceramides (barrier lipids) in the epidermis and whitens the skin when used at concentrations greater than 5%.
So why is it that we are led to think Glycolic Acid is the more beneficial AHA to use? Unfortunately, people often equate irritation with efficiency, and because Glycolic Acid causes more irritation, people tend to believe this means it works better. But this is not the case.
I have been using this now for 3 weeks and am amazed as to how it has improved the quality of my skin. The KP on my arms has completely gone and the majority of the raised moles (yes I had them checked out and they were fine) have flattened and faded considerably.My skin always feels silky smooth after applying and the effects are accumulative and long lasting.
Hydrates the skin
Fades freckles and moles
Completely got rid of my KP on my arms
Leaves my skin silky smooth
Non irritating
Long shelf life
Cost effective
This will sting if applied to an open wound (I found this out after accidently applying to a scratch I had after shaving my legs) ouch! but this lasted only briefly.
Lactic Acid smells like sour milk if used minus a fragrance hence why I add orange oil when customizing.
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Jul 1, 2012

Welcome to Butterfly Kisses Beauty Blog

When I first started out on a 'serious' skin care routine I found it to be extremely overwhelming.I searched endlessly online for help and advice for a 'newbie' but did not find anywhere dedicated just for beginners. After much trial and error with skincare products and wasting endless funds on things that did not work I decided to record my journey in the hope that it would be of some support for anyone taking their first steps on there own personal skincare journey. With a nudge in the right direction I promise you it can be enjoyable, fun and very rewarding to see your skin transform from dry,blotchy,sun damaged and dull to clear and vibrant. Hopefully I can be of some help along the way to those of you who are just venturing out on what can often be a very 'confusing' and 'frustrating' time.
I love researching ‘old’ and ‘new’ products that are skin and makeup related and have had some great experiences and advice from the wonderful members of Makeupalley, Skincaretalk and the Beautybling forums and hopefully my experiences (good and bad) may be of some guidance and help to others.
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Made to order 12% Lactic Acid with Niacinamide Body Lotion REVIEW