Aug 20, 2014

Finding Misscha Cho Bo Yang BB Cream to thick and matte? Give this a try...

I have already written an article on the Misscha Cho Bo Yang  BB cream which is a full coverage, thick textured with a more 'matte' finish which can be read here
Since starting on the Japanese BB cream band wagon a little over a year ago I have not been able to return to  what was my once 'holy grail' Makeup Forever HD Foundation at all. Personally I find there is nothing to compare to a Japanese BB cream, The reason I emphasize 'Japanese' is due to the fact that European/US 'BB creams' are nothing more than a tinted moisturizer, hence as to why so many cannot get along with the European version and then revert back to their foundation creams/liquids etc.
Compared to many other Japanese BB creams the Missccha Cho Bo Yang does have a thicker consistency and I have received numerous emails saying as to how many of you love the coverage but not the 'matte that got me thinking as to how we could still get the benefits of the coverage but create a more 'dewy' effect, and so the trials began!
I decided to jump straight in with the 'obvious' choice of adding a highlighter to the BB cream and was pleasantly surprised as to the overall effect taking into consideration the desired 'glow' can easily turn into a 'shine' which is not a pretty look!
I tried numerous highlighters including but finally settled on Revlon age defying face illuminator
which gave me the finish I was looking for without compromising the coverage.
The highlighter does come in 4 shades and I found #2 Pink Light to be the best as it is glitter free (thank goodness) and translucent creating the smooth dewy finish I was looking for. This product does have a brush on the end which I find to be cumbersome and unnecessary but can easily be removed with a pair of pliers.
There is a learning curve when first trying this out as you can easily turn into a shiny greasy mess and I found the ratio of one third highlighter worked best but of course this will be different for each individual considering we all have different skin textures. 
Since using this technique I have had numerous comments as to the appearance of my skin such as 'flawless' 'porcelain' and 'glowing' so I am presuming this is working for me!