May 30, 2013

Self Tanners/Tan Body Makeup/Bronzers

Now that summer is on its way I decided to give some fake tans a try in the hope that I would be able to find one that not only looked good but would also cover any skin imperfections along with being streak free, non transferable onto clothes, smell good and last but not least look natural (not orange). Did I find any that covered the above criteria? hmmm...maybe not all but pretty close!
Let me revert back a few steps and explain as to why I have been on a quest to find a good fake tan and the one and only explanation I have is due to the fact that I now take as much care as possible in regards to my skin which means protecting it from the sun's ray's as much as possible. Long gone are the days of lounging on the beach soaking up every bit of the sun's ray's from sun up too sun down. I still love the warm weather but do as much as possible to protect my skin but have to confess that I still long for that tanned glow that I accomplished whilst damaging my in came the trials and errors of self tanners and bronzing creams.
Let's start of by defining the difference between 'Self Tanners' and 'Tan Makeup/Bronzers'

Self Tanners

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless self tanning products are those which contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Today DHA is the main active ingredient in self tanners and considered the most effective sun-free tanning additive. Products contain DHA in concentrations ranging from 1% - 15%. Most over the counter self tanners range from 3% - 5% with the professional products ranging from 5% - 15%. Keep in mind that the higher the percentage the deeper the color will be and it is therefore always best to begin testing these products with the lightest first enabling you to be able to learn how to work with them and which technique of application to use. This product will take between 2-4 hours before the tanning effect will appear on your skin surface and will continue to darken for an additional 24-72 hours before the final effect is apparent. One the darkening effect has occurred, the color (tan) will take between 5-7 days to fade and will not transfer onto bedding and clothing.
Self Tanners can be purchased in cream, lotion, mousse, spray and wipes and to decide which is best is a matter of personal preference. Professional Sunless Self Tanners are usually applied via spray tanning booths or airbrushed.


The most obvious benefit with a Self Tanner is the fact that it will last much longer than the Makeup/Bronzers i.e 5-7 days and will not


Can be difficult to find the most natural looking shade.
Will stain bedding or clothes in the first 2 hours.
Difficult to know if you have applied it evenly considering you have to wait 24-72 hours to see full effect therefore if application method is not accurate you will have to live with streaks or unevenness of application.
Difficult to know if the color applied will work for your skin as you have to wait 24-72 hours until full effect is obtained.
Important to exfoliate and moisturize well prior to application so as to create less chance of streaking. 
Fairly high is price.

Self Tanning Product Suggestion

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan $28.00 for 8oz + S&H($8.00)

Out of all the Self Tanners I rate this #1




Gives a nice golden to medium tan (may not be dark enough for those wanting that dark Mediterranean tan).
This is a thick white cream which if inexperienced at apply self tanner may be a little difficult but once you overcome this it is well worth the effort.
Does not have a tint, therefore practice is needed so as to get an even application.
No tint also means no staining of clothes or bed sheets.
Fragrance free (none of that horrible fake tan smell).
Lasts for 5-6 days
Fades naturally without going blotchy or patchy.
NO orange tint! The awful orange tint that often comes with the use of a Self Tanner is due to a high pH level of over 6 and almost every Self Tanner on the market (excluding Famous Dave's) has this issue, some are just better than others. If your Self Tanner has one or more of the following ingredients then you will definitely get a tint of orange.
Stearic Acid
Trethanolamine and/or Mineral Oil

Tan Makeup/Bronzers

I want to emphasize that when I say Tan Makeup/Bronzers I am not talking about products that are specifically made and purchased for the face but am covering products that are made for the body i.e legs, arms, decollete etc.


Super easy to apply
Immediate color
Hides blemishes and discoloration
Gives a flawless finish
Easy to blend
60 second drying time
Fool proof
Wide range of shades
Cost effective
Easily available
Sweat proof


Washes off in shower 

Led/Body Makeup Suggestion #1 Choice

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs $11.79 (Target) 4oz

Yes, I realize that this states that it is for the legs but I promise you can use this on any part of the body!
It comes either in the aerosol spray can or in the tube cream formula and both come in a choice of four shades:
Light Glow
Medium Glow
Tan Glow
Deep Glow
I always keep some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs on standby for those times when I need to add some color to my arms, legs and decolletage and do not have the time to apply a Self Tanner and am always pleasantly surprised as to the overall effect. It covers any blemishes and skin discoloration beautifully and the 'Light Glow' is perfect for my pale skin and does exactly as its description a lovely light glow. However, be cautious when choosing the darker shades as they do intend to come up a little darker than you would expect.


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