Nov 9, 2011

Primer Debate....To Use or Not to Use

Is it 'really' necessary to use a primer before applying foundation.....well this was a question I debated for many many months until I finally gave it a try. I, like so many out there, was convinced this was just another sales ploy to make us spend more money on unnecessary products that we could do without....but (yes I admit it ladies) I was wrong. Is it a necessity....probably not, but using a primer does the following things:

1. Without doubt foundation glides on more easily when used on top of a primer.
2. Makeup will stay put all day.
3. Makeup will appear more 'flawless'.
4. Pores definately (in my experience) are reduced especially on the nose.
The most important thing with all primers is to remember to use one that is compatible with the makeup you will be wearing i.e 'water and oil do not mix'....what do I mean by this statement, I will explain.
Water based foundations require a water based primer.
HD (silicone based) foundations require a silicone base primer.
Oil based foundations require an oil base primer.........remember like attracts like.
So often many of us (myself included) fail to like primers due to there lack of 'promised' performance when usually we are using a primer than is incompatible with the makeup we are wearing.
I personally love HD foundations (reviews coming shortly) but when I first starting trying primers I was confused as to what all the 'hype' was about unbeknown to me that I was using an incompatible primer . On learning as to how important it is to use a 'compatable' primer I am now a true believer and convert!
Below are a few primers I have tried and tested along with what is compatible with different foundations in the hope that this will give you a head start in finding one that will work for you without having to make the numerous mistakes I made along the way!

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel.....Yes you read correctly! This has the identical formula as Smash Box Photo Finish Primer ($30.00) for a fraction of the cost. It can be purchased at any local CVS or Walgreen Pharmacy and costs around $6.00.
This primer is silicone based and can be used under any HD (High Definition) silicone based foundations such as MUFE, Ketts, Temptu etc.
I personally have been using this as a primer for over a year and absolutely love it.
1. Definitely reduces pore appearance.
2. Foundation glides on effortlessly.
3. Foundation stays 'put' for over 8 hours.
4. Gives a flawless finish to foundation.
The only con I can think of is if you are allergic to silicone in general otherwise this is an all round great primer.
Graftobian Anti-Shine Foundation Primer works wonderfully if you have a tendency for oily skin.
This is a great primer to use with Graftobian HD Foundation.
All primers create a light barrier between the skin and your foundation therefore this one will reduce oils from your skin mixing with your foundation therefore reducing the need to 'blot' shine throughout the day and overall enabling your foundation to stay in place longer.
Again I have personally used this primer (and continue to do so when I use my Graftobian HD foundation) and love it. However it is more expensive than the Monistat at $26.99 for a 1/2 oz jar. This can be purchased from:
So lets recap for a moment.
1. Read the labels so as to make sure it is compatible with the foundation you are using.
2. Remember 'Like Attracts Like'
3. 'Oil and Water do not Mix'
So simple but so very often overlooked!

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