Jan 10, 2013

CoenRich AstaXanthin Q10 Precious Hand & Finger Whitening Cream

Now that we are in the depths of the winter season my attention has been drawn to keeping my skin moisturized and protected from the outside elements along with protecting my skin from the damaging effects of the central warm air system. Not only does this effect the quality of my facial skin but I am also aware as to how harsh it can be to my hands.
Finding a hand moisturizing cream should be a relatively easy task but more often than not I find the majority or creams and lotions to be either excessively greasy or lacking in there moisturizing abilities.Then along came 'CoenRich AstaXanthin Q10 Precious Hand & Finger Whitening Cream' (rather a mouthful) which is another Japanese 'wonder' product!
This hand cream is not just a moisturizer but it is also classed as a 'Quasi' drug which basically means 'whitening'. The Japanese culture are very diligent when it comes to skin care especially in regards to keeping out of the sun and applying 'safe' whitening products to their skin so as to create a flawless, pale, smooth complexion. However, they do not just limit the use of 'Quasi' drugs to there faces infact they use it to all exposed areas including the hands.
Very often the hands and decollage are over looked when it comes to skin care protection and I for one have been guilty of this in the past.
I have been using CoenRich AstaXanthin Q10 Hand & Finger Whitening Cream for seven days now and in regards to the moisturizing effect I give it a 'thumbs up'. There is no lasting greasy residue and it sinks into the skin easily and quickly. In regards to the whitening effect the jury is still out as I feel I need to continue using it for at least one month before I can give an honest opinion.
Official Description
Kose CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Hand and Finger Cream is formulated to fight against signs of aging like fine lines with dull appearance and loss of moisture due to long exposure to environmental irritants. This deep moist cream is enriched with high concentrations of coenzyme Q10, coix seed extract and Hyaluronic acid to give ample moisture and gives nutrients to your hands, leaving your hand soft, supple and smooth skin that feel like silk! KOSE blended three exclusive major components:
Coenzyme Q10 repair signs of aging, enhancing condition of skin to restore luster and elasticity.
Coix seed extract full expulsion of melanin accumulation allow hands to look brighter with a healthy glow.
Hyaluronic Acid Deep moisturizing effect that significantly infuses moisture into skin, instantly sooth dry and dull skin.
Active Ingredients:
Ascorbyl Glucoside (this is a whitening product which is much more stable than L Ascorbic).

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