Feb 8, 2012

Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
I have read many reviews in regards to the topical usage of this product and decided, due to the high ratings to give this a try. I must say that I had high hopes for this product especially in regards to being able to use it as a moisturizer on the body after showering. Unfortunately I found this to be far to greasy and no matter how long I left it in the hope that it would eventually absorb into my skin I found it always left an 'oily' residue.On the occasions that I hastily dressed too soon after application I found that it would transfer onto my clothing of which I could not remove even after laundering! I therefore decided to try alternate uses for the EVCO and I have come up with the following:
Makeup Remover
This is a great makeup remover and works speedily without any need to 'pull' or 'tug' on the skin. However I do find it neccessary to then remove the EVCO with a non alcohol Witch Hazel (I use Thayers) and I must say that this does leave the skin wonderfully smooth and soft.
This works great for all of us who suffer with excessively dry skin on the feet. I place a liberal amount onto both feet and apply socks so as it absorbs throughout the night (and sometimes in the day) and after 5 days of using this I noticed a considerable difference.
Yes I know I said this was far to greasy for the body but I have found, after trial and error that a little of the EVCO goes a long way. Applying a small amount really does keep the skin supple and soft....the important key here is that 'less is more'.
EVCO is often talked about as a good source for dry hair supposedly leaving it soft and manageable. But beware EVCO on the hair can leave you with extremely oily and limp hair even when using only a tiny small amount. Thankfully I only tried this on the ends of my hair and even though I only used a pea size amount my hair, even though soft and shiny stayed limp and unmanageable for a period of seven days. Therefore my advice would be to only use EVCO on the hair in dire situations such as over processed hair etc and even then use with caution.
EVCO can also be used internally and below is some information in regards to the benefits. 

The current medical research indicates that at least thirty percent (30%) of our diet should be made up of fats. Each fat is not equal, however, affecting the body in a different way. Coconut oil is generally favorable, and has been shown to create a more favorable hdl/ldl ratio in the body. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, which have been described as having a negative effect on the cholesterol but coconut oil is different from other saturated fats in many ways.

Good Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides

Coconut oil is the highest vegan source (62%) of medium chain triglycerides. At least half of these medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are made up of lauric acid which is the single most important fatty acid in building and maintaining a healthy immune system. The amount of lauric acid in coconut oil is similar to the percentage in breast milk. No other vegetable oil has lauric acid and only milk and butter come close to the percentage, measuring in at 3%!

What About Cholesterol?

Virgin coconut oil has been show to raise cholesteral level in some individuals, however it is the beneficial and protective levels that are raised contributing to a healthier ratio of hdl/ldl cholesterol.
Studies have also shown that the current popular oil, canola oil, actually was one of the worst oils to use, producing high levels of trans-fatty acids when used in cooking.
Virgin coconut oil actually helps to prevent hardening of the arteries.
Personally I would only use EVCO topically as I feel that the high percentage of Saturated Fat content (12.5g which is 63% of our Daily Values per 1 tablespoon serving) is far to high.


  1. I <3 Coconut Oil for my skin (body), mad my skin feel like butta. Some people use it in their coffee or tea. I just couldn't get use to that oil film on my lips :-/


    1. lol...oily lips is not a good look is it Letitia! But there as so many out there who absolutely love coconut oil, but like you I find this extremely oily.